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About Us


Love Logan Productions., LLC (LLP) is a full service media, print, production, marketing, and public relations firm that handles PR for a host of clients  which  include  but  are  not  limited  to  Reality  TV  stars,  A-­‐List Actors, Models, Recording Artists, Athletes, Corporations, and Non Profits. We offer the best PR services when it comes to communications, marketing, and branding. As a result to our dedication to our clients we are able to keep up with the top PR firms in the league and treat our clients with such honor and distinction that it remains clear in our performance that “the sky ain’t the ceiling.”


LLP is an expert in cyphering the true essence of our clients from the malarkey that makes the news. We go above and beyond to refute damaging claims and to take solid measures to protect their image. When it comes to our services, whether we’re building a brand, upholding an established reputation, birthing an image, or promoting an event, we offer the best in strategy and techniques to keep our client relevant and visible.


LLP provides a variety of additional services such as book publication, distribution, and marketing. LLP takes the lead in being a full service outlet to cater to all of your entertainment needs.


Love Logan Productions is grounded on integrity, results and long-­‐term client relationships. Above all, our impression can be found on many successful initiatives and we take honor in providing our continuous support.


“There’s not limit to what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.”

              ‐ Love Logan

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